Professor Rajesh Dubey

Prof. Rajesh Kumar Dubey

Prof. Rajesh Kumar Dubey, who has taught more than 10,000 students from across the country and worldwide is an educationist, astrophysicist and an ideal source of motivation to his students. He has worked as HoD / Professor / Principal for top institutions across India like

KOTA EDUCATION, VISION KOTA, ABLES EDUCATION PUNE, RAO IIT, KALRASHUKLA CLASSES, A.K. VIDYAMANDIR, ARIHANT INTERNATIONAL, for more than 15 years. With an approach of simplified, result oriented teaching and extensive smart work methodology for the students, he has been most favourite of thousands of successful students and been recognized at national and international platforms many times. Many of his students are now working in different parts of the country and the world.

Apart from his academics in top-level Physics and Education, he completed Astronomy and Astrophysics from Mumbai University, Specialised Courses on Semiconductor Physics in association with IIT Kanpur; Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers -Stanford University (Gold Medal): Vibrational Spectroscopy, Molecular Vibrations (NIT Kurukshetra): Astronomy-A State of Art-University of Arizona, Special Theory of Relativity, General Relativity and more than 15 NASA STEM certified courses. He has his proven specializations in almost every branch of Science, especially in Physics. With marvellous expertise in Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Molecular vibrations, and Cosmology, presently he is in the research on Gravitational Waves, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy collision, and Universe Formation and its Expansion. He has been actively associated with Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai, ESO Supernova Observatory Chile, NASA Stem Education, CERN LHC Switzerland, KAGRA GW Detector Japan, Astronomy without borders, Physics Associations, Royal Observatory Belgium and with other reputed observatories / institutions at national and international level. Along with fulfilling his professional duties, he travels throughout the country and abroad for giving lectures to students of government / private / society running universities / colleges /schools on topics related to Physics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Space Science, Rocket science and events in Astronomy etc.

In the near future, he has projects /seminars /visits to KECK observatory Hawaii USA, ESO Supernova Observatory Chile, VLT Chile, KAGRA GW Detector, LIGO GW Detector, ALMA, VIRGO GW Detector, ICE CUBE Neutrino Detector at North Pole of Earth, LHC CERN Switzerland, Super Kamiokande Neutrino Detector, JAXA Japan, ROSMOCOS Russia, Royal Observatory Belgium and many more. He will also participate in different experiments, proposals, workshops, seminars, webinars, and lectures.

He is being invited by almost every part of the world for his lectures, talks, and presentations. He has been invited thrice by United Nations UNOOSA. Many Schools/Colleges/Universities frequently invite him for giving lectures on “Rocketry and Achievements by ISRO in Rocket Science and Space Exploration”. He has given more than 110 lectures in different parts of the country in this field

Professor Rajesh Dubey

Mission and Philosophy

My overall teaching philosophy is based on the principle that I love to learn from the students I teach. Teaching is the center of all my scholarly activities and it’s the only process of instilling the concept and necessary skills for lifelong learning.

I take the opportunities as a challenge and then put my best for producing maximum from it. My key statement is,” Strive for success, struggle for it, don’t stop until you achieve it. I am a “Life Long Learner”

Our Vision

The students of India are the best in the world and only a unique combination of the expertise of the Guru’s and devoted students can make our country lead the world.